Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 7 in Review 10/17-21

Household Highlights
We had to put plastic over a few windows. Fall is here and the night frosts are upon us. 
This gives us more incentive to get lessons done so we can enjoy the sunny afternoons before they are gone. 

Homeschool Happenings
We traveled into Central America this week in Geography. Learning the basics of Botany, and the life of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. In History we are about to embark on a Revolution. Jacob is learning about the early theories of our Solar System. Abigail is working in a crochet project for Zachary's birthday on Sunday. 

On our Book shelf
Abigail and Isaac are still absorbed in the 
Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events books.
Quinten is reading Same Kind of Different As Me
Jacob has discovered the Hardy Boys series. 


We joined a new scout troop last week. The boys are very excited. 
Its a little larger than we had been involved in and I think 
this will allow them more opportunities. 
Abigail is also active in Activity Day Girls again. 

Helpful Homeschool Hint 
Lesson Planners. I print one each with a list of assignments for the week.  

My Favorite Thing
This garden bag was in a box of donated stuff. I LOVE bags but 
had no idea what to do with this one.  Then I had an idea!
PERFECT!! The inside has pockets for pencils, glue, note cards etc

Whats Working Not Working
Our grammar was not working for us at all. I found a textbook for 
Abigail and Isaac and will be ordering a new book for Jacob and Quinten.

Photos, Video, Link or Quote to share
This is a great website for art ideas
Art Projects For Kids 

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  1. I want that bag! LOL I'll have to remember "garden bag". LL Bean has one, but I just can't justify the price.

    Looks like a great week! Will be be doing regular wrap-ups? Will be fun to see what you're up too!