Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Texas Ranger: silver,Gold & a Mexican gang

One day The Texas ranger & Johnny Where going through Falcon TX, as a Bounty Hunter tracking down for 3 days now a Mexican  Gang, Who stole $4.000 in gold & $20 in silver.on the trail they found a member of the gang on the side of the trail shot on the side of the head, it was fresh too,so they kept following the horse tracks till they came over the Mountain and spotted them walking all 14 of them so they got off there horses and hid at the peek of the hill the Texas ranger went left & Johnny went strait & circled them all Johnny took the first shot & killed 1 of them,the gang was crossing creek in between  the mountains then they shot and it went back and forth,there where 9 of the gang members left they finally realized that they missed every shot they took and wasn't able to see both of them so they dropped there weapons, and surrendered,they slowly walked down the mountain, they took them back to town and put them in jail and brought the money to the sheriff and got a $1,000   reward for returning them & the money back.The Texas ranger split the money between them too & was of on his journey to the salon after a long hard 4 days of work 



                                               And a scrap I did for ZACHARY

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the witch

 Once I was a little boy. When I grow up  I solved misters. Then on Halloween I made a new friend.  He was a which. So he said he likes to build puzzles. He also said he was wise.  So we bought a big puzzle.  The which put the first puzzle peace on.  Then I did. finely it anded.  And  I said that was fun. Then he said lets buy a nether big puzzle.  So we did. but this one was bigger. So it took longer. Then we keep building. Then we stopped. Then we lived happily ever after              The end

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the backwoods farm

the backwoods farm

something i did for art&music/school

The Texas Ranger: The carriage ride

the Texas ranger was traveling through red water,TX when he heard fight, he broke it up by  firing his gun in the air, it was to teenage kids who got into a fight over a Indian bone knife one of them found in the dirt, the Texas ranger walked up to them through a crowd of people & said "where are your parents" they said " they left 2 weeks ago on a carriage ride to Maud 5 miles SE of here an  said they'll be back in 5 days but they aren't back yet" so the Texas ranger said he'll go check on them and for them & to stay at the shop until he gets back, so he called Jessy James & a stranger named Leroy to go with him & then they left to Maud. they got there at midnight at the house that they where being held hostage, they heard screaming & fighting so they had Jessy go through the back door, Leroy through the window & the Texas ranger through the front door wham!! wham!! shatter!! they broke in to the house there was only 2 of them so they where outnumbered, so they surrendered. so they took everyone home, when they got home they brought the 2 to the sheriff's office. They where 2 WANTED:dead or alive the reward was $3.000 so he got the money & spited it up with the three of them & the Texas ranger  took off after another hard day of work

The Texas ranger