Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Presidential Choice's

So for Civics this week we watched the TWO HOUR LONG debates.. anyhow, as their assignment Quinten and Jacob had to list their top two picks and why they would choose them.. I decided to type of Isaac's ( he did his as extra credit as he is not taking civics). ( I typed this exactly as he as written it) 
My first choice for Presidentuall Canadete is Ron Paul. I chose Ron Paul because he say, we, and nowone else dose. Becase wene he talk's he say's the word's that I would say. My secend choice for presidentuall canadete is Gingrich. I chose gingrich for second because he says he don't know who he should say because he loves evry one up next to him. and because of his laugh. My third choice for  presidentuall canadete is Jonson. I chose Jonson as third because he makes me laugh. and because his look. My fourth choice for  presidentuall canadete is herman. i chose herman as fourth because his look and because he says the words i would say too.

Friday, September 2, 2011

This week in homeschooling 8/22-26

Mon: Playground, Civil War Museum, Road trip, Swimming
Tues: Book of Mormon, World Geography
Wednesday:  Library,
Thursday:  Math, Writing, Art/Music
Friday: - Art,