Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Texas Ranger: The mountain man

One hot 90° summer day, the Texas ranger & his younger brother, Hunter, from Johntown, TX,  were in the Dripping Spring saloon. A middle age man broke in the saloon with  his gun going around the room saying      " everyone get down on the ground now ", so the Texas ranger, Hunter & Johnny (who was also there) pulled out their guns, as did  everyone else, including the sheriff who stood behind him. He dropped his gun, the sheriff put him in jail for 3 1/2  weeks, the period of time was over and they went to get him out of jail but he & Johnny where gone but there was a note that said: I took Johnny too the mountains if you want him alive  be here by 12:00 pm
                                                                                        the mountain man.

the Texas ranger said "we've got to hurry if where gonna get there in time, we've only got 4 hours left" so they went home and started getting ready for the overnight trip. They left at 9:00 pm, & got there at 11:45 pm,there was a full moon,and the wolves where howlingthey walked around and checked it out  finally found them talking about the two, Hunter pulled out his gun and waited for him to move. Finally he moved,  Hunter shot his hand with his gun, he started yelling HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!, they both walked up to him Hunter grabbed him while the Texas ranger untied Johnny,they camped the night on the mountain.The next day they went back to town.The mountain man was put in jail for 1 1/2  years.Hunter was given $1.000, the Texas ranger was given $1.000 & Johnny $1.000. 4 months later the Texas ranger was called to be sheriff, and he did with Johnny & Hunter as his assistants.

the main characters.
the Texas ranger,
Hunter (the Texas rangers brother)
Johnny (the Texas rangers friend)
Jessie james (another friend)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The bunny who found 10 million eggs

one easter morning the bunny family found 20 eggs. 5 were . yellow the wrest were pink.he put them in his pocket.and went to sell the eggs for 1 dollar. by the time he got home. lunch was cooking. bunny did not sell all his eggs.so he said after lunch I will sell all my eggs. mama bunny said lunch will be ready in one minute.could i  finish selling my eggs,said kid bunny.no, said mama. after lunch, said mama.the next Easter morning he found one egg. he said mama i will share with you. then the next Easter morning he  found 10 million eggs. so he decided to share with everyone.