Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Texas Ranger: its outlaw kicking time!!

Summer-shade, Texas the worst place to be in the summer, where everyone is at the saloon, playing poker, drinking alcohol & most of all FIGHTING!!, we had the sheriff in there five times in 1 hour , but that’s just how it is. One Monday morning we had 4 guys on duty (as usual), on duty where the Texas Ranger, Johnny, Jessie & hunter where on duty, when suddenly they were being shot at by some outlaws, escape jailers & gang members teamed up to face the four of them. the four of them where out-numbered 30-4,they knew they cold take them all down so the Texas ranger shot first then it went on for about 5 minuets the rest of the town heard the gun shots, so they hid all the women & children and the men climbed the wall and stood in a line of forty men plus the 4 on duty so now it was 44-35, as they came closer they counted, the knew they where out-numbered by 24 men but that wasn't going to stop them from going closer, so they kept going closer & closer & closer the 44 men cocked their guns then the Texas ranger said "on the count of three we fire 1-2-3!!" BOOM!!, they all fired at once, when the smoke cleared there was only 2 men left, they both ran back as fast as there horses could take them, hunter took his gun and shot them both in the back at a mile away, the LUCKIEST!! shot anyone has made before. the Mayer had just woke up right after the exitment, he was so impressed with them that he bought everyone a drink for there good work, and they where never bothered by any outlaws, escape jailers or gang members ever again.......or will they!!........

Week in Review

Our first few weeks back we will be on a very lax schedule.

Monday World Geography
Tuesday  ASL ~Mom dad sister brother baby cat dog
                Book of Mormon~  1st Nephi 1-5
                Writing ~  Abigail Isaac & Quinten    Jacob
                Isaac ~ State Studies 
Wednesday World Geography
                Isaac Dino Studies
Thursday  Writing
Friday  no school