Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Ready For Christmas

We have not been schooling as regular as we use to. But we have gotten some neat lessons.. Quinten, Abigail and Isaac are finish up their state geography and start world geography in 2 weeks.. Jacob is still studying the constitution. There is so much to teach but I have to stop and remember, he is not quite 12.. I need to slow down!!

A friend gave me a great idea for a Christmas theme lesson plan.. I hope to have the first one posted by Monday

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is it..

no more excuses.. This blog WILL be interesting and active.. :)

Currently we are still organizing lessons.. Its been a crazy fall.

J: Animal Tracking
Q: is studying design, how ships, planes etc.  are built
A&I: Animal Studies.
Z&O: random child inspired lessons

We are reading from the Patriots History of the United States. Currently still in chap 1.. thats ALOT of info in just one little chapter!

Q,A, & I are doing a state lesson plan. Z&O have some but not as indepth

Jacob is studying the constitution

Math and Grammar -- aka the 3R's :) 
They are all at various levels. Jacob is doing some pre algebra along with working the basics. Quinten is in a 5th grade math book, with alot of review. Abigail is learning multiplication and Isaac is venturing into division. Zachary is strengthening his addition and subtraction skills

These keep up pretty busy.. I had art lessons planned but the only one we got to was Jacob.. he was learning photography. He lost his camera then found it and now its not working. So obviously he is not doing so well in his class.

Friday, June 11, 2010

my blog

i raed the book of  mormon up to 1st nephi chapter 12 on monday we are going to the zoo with the esterdays and i am happy my brother quinten is a punk and we have a navel battele game and my fravrits boat is the destroyor school time is fun my older sister is older then me and i get my school time done faster then my older sister my mom werks at a dog grooming shop it is like evrey year i get my kenpeuter time my brother jacob ones caught the smallist fish

Monday, June 7, 2010

my new friend

i  maid  a  new  frand  her  naeim   is  katlen  she  has    bllond   hair  her  faevrt     anemool   is  horses  i  like  horses  to  we  or  beste frands ever 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

baby birth!!

mommy was pragnit for 9 month's april 4 7;00 her water brok 9;35 she had ezra i got to wach ezra be e born he was cute this was funny he cep's gowing to sleep his poop was yellow poop but it is april 14 he is cute i love him jacob tok the pic's quinten held the phone just in case joe cut the inbilukord it was the quickest brth of 2 in a half hours it was awesome i have baby food mommy feed's Ezra

Thursday, April 1, 2010


i am in alaska with my famliy i am flying south i am a canada goose i am gowing on a feel trip i feel excited i cant wate tile i go on my feel trip i hope it is gowing to be fun i never f'lu  in the sky befor i have a cool house i have awesome games on the computer are house is small we are gowing to get a new house alaska is cold i hate alaska i love it here in kentuky i like the wind