Friday, January 21, 2011

The Texas Ranger: The Mexican Bandits

The Texas ranger roamed the borders of Texas.One time he was riding through El Paso and came across some Mexican bandits.The bandits started shooting at him from the hill. He couldn't see them so he tied up his horse on a rock behind a tree, took out his rifle and started firing at them. He moved closer and closer, bullet shells of his 30-30 flew  around him.As time went by, only 4 men where left. BOOM!! The Texas Ranger shot one right in the chest. Off in the distance comes Johnny, a rancher, a couple miles away who knew the Texas ranger. He came up on the side of another hill tied up his horse took out his 45 and from behind, shot one in the back of his head. Two left, and Johnny shot the next one on the shoulder. He marched up the hill, told him to put the gun down & called the Texas ranger up. Johnny took  the bandits gun and let him free. Johnny & the Texas Ranger made it home safely with minor injuries. The Texas Ranger was shot in the shoulder, and Johnny twisted his ankle.         

The Texas Ranger


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